Proposing photoshoot is one of the most interesting and most hard and responsible kind of photoshoot (shooting a proposal is one of the hardest assignments). You need to hide from the future bride and pretend you do not know future groom while taking amazing photos. There is no chance to re-do the photos.



My story with Adam and Andrea started on Monday, August 12. Adam asked me to shoot his proposal to Andrea. It was tricky:

  1. As a location, Adam chose Toronto Island. So, while we were taking same ferry to the Island, Andrea could not see me.

  2. I could not go there by myself, as it looks weird when one girl with a camera followed a couple steps by steps.

  3. Adam needed help with organizing things and I could not help him with that.

Here I am thankful to my friends Leticia and Nicky who agreed to help me. We just pretended we were tourists. It was a good conspiracy.

The day X

We scheduled our plan down to understand what, where and when. We`ve never seen each other before, so he sent me their photo for better understanding who should I look for. We were there on time and everything would be great if rain has not started. While planning we choose sunny day, so Adam could propose Andrea during the sunset. Unfortunately, all the idea was under the risk just because of sudden weather change.


We came earlier and I started to look for Adam and, believe me or not, it was not that easy because I have never seen them in real life before. Finally, I found him. We cached each other eyes and confirmed that we are the right ones with a nod of the head.

From that very moment, everything was perfect. Suddenly, sun went out of the clouds - the weather started supporting us to make great photos that day. We took same fairy and after that, everything we had to do was just to follow them from 100 meters distance to keep ourselves unrecognizable. It was not super easy, as I had to take pictures of them at the same time.

Finally, Adam gave me a sign that he is ready. He asked his girlfriend to close her eyes and the preparation started. Girls helped him to light the candles that he had with him, and put them with rose petals in a shape of heart. Andrea opened her eyes and smiled. She seemed so happy in that very moment, so nothing could ruin her happiness.

I was keeping distance not to interrupt the moment. Girls hided too. There were just two of them at that moment. After she said yes, I stopped hiding and continued to work in a way she already could see me. Hopefully, they will use these photos for their wedding.