First shy and then so open and creative

That was first time for both of us: my first time working in the studio and her first time having a photoshoot with a photographer. We both were nervous and we both were not sure about our strength and creativity.

We both were shy in the beginning and were struggling with ideas, but it didn’t stop us from getting astonishing shots. We opened each other characters and worked hard.

From a shy girl who is afraid of camera she turned to a professional model and did her work in a best way she could possibly do. From unconfident photographer I did one more step to become a professional.

I want to say huge thanks to Dasha to letting me do these photos and then include to my portfolio. I will remember this work as my “first time professional photographer feeling” and one day I will put one of these photos to my wall to remember to work hard to get a result.

One more shot. One more memory.